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Extraordinary Life is what it's all about.  We're all on a journey, and the longer we've been traveling, the more we know how precious it is to feel good, be strong, think clearly and abound with energy, with as few pains as possible.  It takes work, money, and a concentrated focus to make it happen.  It takes research and education.  And it's all well worth it.

This Venture originated for one reason: To try to help those with a cancerous or other degenerative condition find their way or fine-tune their lifestyle.  The focal point has been the Gerson Therapy: A world-reknown, nutritional approach to the healing of advanced cancer developed by Dr. Max Gerson.  And the legacy lives on through the Gerson Institute, in San Diego.  My own involvement through the Institute has been in traveling to someone's home and setting her or him up on the therapy.  Through this, I realized that by the time people NEED to implement the therapy, they (and their family) are already overwhelmed - physically, emotionally and many times financially.  For this reason, I put together the Gerson Therapy Starter Kit to help streamline the process.  For those not familiar with the therapy, this kit would seem to be a strange collection of stuff.  But for those beginning the therapy, it helps them get in the groove and get some relief.

This Site still offers the Starter Kit and some other essentials which are Gerson-specific, yet those who are not in the Gerson groove might easily be interested in the individual items  And these can be seen in the Gerson Stuff.  There is a page called On The Way which gives a sneak-preview to items which will become available … at the right time.  Our farm community has exceptional goods to offer, and that page will turn into a store page with stuff not related to the Gerson Therapy.  We hope this site be of some value to all who check it out.

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Peace and Health To You!